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Edith Salès-Wuillemin

Edith Salès-Wuillemin

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My primary research interest is the analysis of psychological processes implicated in social categorization, stereotypes, attitude and more generally in social representations. I am also interested in subjects' dialogue management strategies in situations of opinion confrontation (indications of initiative-taking, opening and closing sequences, signs of agreement, implicit discursive expressions, etc.).

The fields of application include health, workplace, and discrimination.

Primary Interests:

  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Attitudes and Beliefs
  • Causal Attribution
  • Communication, Language
  • Health Psychology
  • Intergroup Relations
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Prejudice and Stereotyping
  • Research Methods, Assessment
  • Social Cognition

Research Group or Laboratory:


Journal Articles:

Other Publications:

  • Salès-Wuillemin, E. (2006). Méthodologie de l’enquête. In M. Bromberg & A. Trognon (Eds.), Psychologie Sociale (pp. 45-77). Paris: Presses Universitaires de France.
  • Salès-Wuillemin, E., & Gilibert, D. (2004). Les indicateurs discursifs de l'explication. In M. Bromberg, & A. Trognon (Eds.), Psychologie Sociale et Communication (pp. 229-244). Paris: Dunod.
  • Salès-Wuillemin E., Morlot, R., Fontaine, A., & Talon, D. (June 2011). Effects of Healcare workers‘ perception of hygiene on hand hygiene practices. In L. V. Berhardt (Ed.), Advances in Medicine and Biology, 45, chp. IV, Nova Sciences Publishers.
  • Salès-Wuillemin, E., & Gilibert, D. (2001). Les biais d'attribution dans la représentation des maghrébins [Attributive bias in social representation of the maghrebine community in France]. Actes du VIIIème Congrès de l'Association pour la Recherche Inter Culturelle (ARIC), Université de Genève, 24-28 Septembre 2001.
  • Galand, Ch., & Salès-Wuillemin, E. (2009). Effet des pratiques et de l’environnement social sur la représentation des substances psychoactives. Cahiers Internationaux de Psychologie Sociale, 84,125-152.
  • Salès-Wuillemin, E. (2005). Préjugés, stéréotypes et discrimination dans les relations interculturelles [Prejudice, sterotypes and discrimination in cross-cultural relations]. Association Française de Psychologie Sociale, Organisation de Psychologie Sociale et Ministère de la Recherche.

Edith Salès-Wuillemin
University of Burgundy - Laboratory of Social Psychology and Sport Management
Pôle AAFE - Esplanade Erasme
21000 DIJON

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